Organistry provides independent analytical services or those related to custom synthesis and process development services.

Basically we specialize in chromatography and our work includes:

  • Development of new HPLC analytical methods that are compatible with MS and reproduction of methods described in pharmacopoeia.
  • Development of Limit Test methods for genotoxic impurities (GTIs) and other trace level impurities.
  • Study of impurity profiling and characterization of unknown impurities by LC-MSn.
  • Identification of degradation products observed in stability studies.
  • Analysis by chiral HPLC to determine enantiomeric excess.

We meet the needs of your laboratory, both in the analytical field, such as supplying impurities of your APIs: those described in pharmacopoeia (commercial or non-commercial), new degradation impurities and any other product of interest.